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Bryce Canyon - The Early Years 1916-1946
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Bryce Canyon - The Early Years 1916-1946

Few of the nearly two million visitors who come to Bryce Canyon each year
are aware of this spectacular region's early history and of how it became a national park.
This 82 page book tells the story of the area, first inhabited by the southern Paiute,
and then a scottish carpentar Ebenezer Bryce, settled in the area.
In 1916 A.W. Stephens brought Bryce Canyon to the public's attention.

This book is packed with photos and historic facts.
A must ready for anyone who loves Bryce Canyon and history.
Wanted Posters of the Old West and Stories Behind the Crimes
This rare collection of wanted posters from the American West, found in the basement of the Missoula, Montana, County Courthouse, is a historical treasure. The book's nearly 150 original wanted posters, fugitive notices, and Pinkerton Agency circulars are supplemented by fascinating details about the technology of identification, the history of wanted posters, and the stories behind the crimes, from horse theft, jail breaking, safe-blowing, and train robbery to seduction,