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Bryce Canyon - The Early Years 1916-1946

Bryce Canyon - The Early Years 1916-1946

Few of the nearly two million visitors who come to Bryce Canyon each year
are aware of this spectacular region's early history and of how it became a national park.
This 82 page book tells the story of the area, first inhabited by the southern Paiute,
and then a scottish carpentar Ebenezer Bryce, settled in the area.
In 1916 A.W. Stephens brought Bryce Canyon to the public's attention.

This book is packed with photos and historic facts.
A must ready for anyone who loves Bryce Canyon and history.

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Price: $9.99
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Bryce Canyon National Park Impressons

photography by James Randklev, forward by Greer Chesher

Although it may not look it, Bryce Canyon is a world in motion. Daily, from seemingly immutable cliffs, rocks tumble, ancient and immovable hoodoos shed skin, and high-angled slopes elbow downhill. Underfoot, the very soil ripples as unseen microorganisms tunnel gossamer fingers. The silent forest bustles as mule deer, prairie dogs, coyotes, hawks, and snakes partner in life's dynamic and complex dance. Photographer James Randklev beautifully captures the timelessness of this Utah treasure.
80 pages - 8.1 x 9.2 inches

This book is absolutely beautiful and if you've been to Bryce will bring back fond memories. If you're never been there, you will make it a destination. Just beautiful!!!!

Price: $12.95
Shadows of Time - The Geology of Bryce Canyon National Park

Shadows of Time
The Geology of Bryce Canyon National Park

Shadows of time is a clearly written book about the geology of Bryce Canyon, and a beautifully photographed look at the astonishing colors, textures and shapes of this landscape.
If you enjoy the fantastic hoodoo and the trees that cling to the rocky ledges you will love this book.

The first section covers the geologic history of the Bryce Canyon area, and the second section highlights special things to see along eight of the most popular overlooks in the park.

UPDATED Summer 2014

Text by Frank Decourten, Photographs by John Telford.
155 pages

Price: $16.99
Bryce Canyon Book and Video Combo

Bryce Canyon National Park - softcover book

  • 112 pages
  • 11.9 x 8.8 x 0.5 inches

Bryce Canyon & Scenic Highway 12 - DVD

Featuring the beautiful picture and sound quality that only DVD can offer, this fully-narrated video explores the geological wonderland of Bryce Canyon National Park and tours nearby Scenic Byway 12 and surrounding public lands. From Fairyland Point to Rainbow Point, explore the Park's panoramic overlooks and hike its amazing trails, including Queen's Garden, Navajo Loop, Peek-a-Boo Loop and Hat Shop. Highway 12 Tour includes Bryce Canyon, Red Canyon, Kodachrome Basin, Grosvenor Arch, Anasazi Village, Escalante Canyons, Calf Creek Falls, Escalante Petrified Forest

List Price: $29.99
Price: $32.99