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Sojourns - World War II on the Plateau 2:1

pWinter/Spring 2007 [2:1]

World War II had a profound effect on the people of the Colorado Plateau. Read about Acoma hero Sam Antonio; golden boys from the Arizona Strip who never returned; POWs on the plateau; and the impacts of war on parks and monuments.

Price: $5.99
Sojourns - Water = Life Summer/ Fall 2:2

Summer/Fall 2007 [2:2]

Water is the lifeblood of the American West and sculptor of the land. Native Americans call the rain; Craig Childs searches for water in the desert; wildlife depends upon it; and we all need to learn how to cope with changing climate.

Price: $5.99
Sojourns - Things Seldom Seen - Summer/ Fall 2009 4:2

Summer/Fall 2009 [4:2]

The Colorado Plateau provides a feast for the senses, but the range of human perception is limited. What are we missing because it is too large or too small, rare or too common, moving too fast or too slow, or hidden underground or under water?

Price: $5.99
Sojourns - Collections Winter/Spring 2010 5:2

Winter/Spring 2010 [5:2]

Did you know that the National Park Service is one of the world’s largest museum systems, preserving not only places of grandeur and national significance, but also millions of natural, historic, and prehistoric objects? Peek inside the archives.

Price: $5.99
Sojourns - Portals - Winter/ Spring 2011 6:1

Winter/Spring 2011 [6:1]

There is a clear adaptive advantage to environments that offer places of security and clear unimpeded views of the terrain – which allow one to see without being seen – tempered by a mysterious invitation to explore.

Price: $5.99
Sojourns - The Music of Place - Summer/ Fall 2011 6:2

Summer/Fall 2011 [6:2]

The Colorado Plateau is a landscape of music… a haunting flute, a pioneer fiddle, the call of the Canyon Wren… the silence of winter.

Price: $5.99
Sojourns - Time - Winter/Spring 2012 7:1

Winter/Spring 2012 [7:1]

Sometimes the smallest detail can connect you directly with the past. It might be a long strand of black hair exposed by blowing softly on the dust of an ancestral Puebloan ruin or it might be a single turquoise bead on a red ant hill.

Price: $5.99
Sojourns - Defining the Colorado Plateau - Summer/ Fall 2012 7:2

Summer/Fall 2012 [7:2]

As with river systems and starry skies, a geologic province is delineated not by politics but by life. The Colorado Plateau underlays swaths of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico, but it is not a state. It is a state of being.

Price: $5.99
Sojourns - At the Movies - Winter/ Spring 2013 8:1

Winter/Spring 2013 [8:1]

Just as each person creates a personal history that is partly true and partly mythic, weaving fact and fictionwhat happened, what sort of happened, and what never happened so do a nations films… especially in the films of the Southwest.

Price: $5.99
Sojourns - Art and Inspiration - Summer/ Fall 2013 8:2

Summer/Fall 2013 [8:2]

Dating back to the 1870s when Thomas Moran joined John Wesley Powell at the Grand Canyon, art has been a key inspiration to those who visit the Colorado Plateau.

Price: $5.99
Sojourns - Marvels & Mysteries of the Colorado Plateau - Summer Fall 2014 9:2

Summer/Fall 2014 [9:2]

The Colorado Plateau is a unique landscape thrusted up in the middle of the American West. And with that uniqueness comes am endless list of marvels and mysteries to be explored.

Price: $5.99
Sojourns - Food: Tasting the Colorado Plateau - Winter/ Spring 2015 10:1

Winter/Spring 2015 [10:1]

The Colorado Plateau is rich in food history. From Hopi dry farming to Navajo piñon nuts to the orchards at Capitol Reef, food is as important as the landscape in the unique place.

Price: $5.99