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Geology Unfolded - An Illustrated Guide to the Geology of Utah's National Parks With Shovels, Picks & Hope Heart of the Desert Wild - Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument
With Shovels, Picks & Hope
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Price: $19.99
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A succinct and aesthetically-pleasing guide that addresses the most often asked geological questions about Utah's spectacular national parks. Special features include: aerial photographs for views and insights not obtainable from ground level, an illustrated glossary, stratigraphic columns and fast facts of each park.
Bryce Canyon
Capitol Reef

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and its Legacy on the Colorado Plateau
by Wayne K. Hinton and Elizabeth Green

At the height of the Great Depression, two of America's richest resources—its young men and its public lands—were in peril. As unemployed young me despaired at their prospects for earning a living for themselves and their families, choking dust storms stripped away farmland and fire ravaged the nation's forests. Only days after taking office in 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt launched a new program to help save both treasures.

Within months, the Civilian Conservation Corps had put three-quarters of a million young men to work restoring forests and farmland, building infrastructure, and fighting fires in America's national public lands. Many workers were sent far from home, including thousands who came west to the Colorado Plateau. In this high, dry, and lonesome setting, they encountered natural beauty unlike anything they had ever seen, as ell as challenges they could not have imagined. With Picks, Shovels & Hope tells their story.

304 pages
Mountain Press Publishing
9 x 0.8 x 7.8 inches

by Greer K. Chesher (Author), Liz Hymans (Photographer)
  • Paperback:108 pages
  • Publisher: Bryce Canyon Natural History Assn; First Edition edition (September 1, 2000)
  • Product Dimensions: 10.9 x 10.1 x 0.4 inches

Field Guide To The Southwestern States FLYING HOME, The Colorado Plateau from Above and Below 59 National Parks Book
FLYING HOME, The Colorado Plateau from Above and Below
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Audubon - Field Guide to The bSouthwestern States

For every resident of and visitor to the southwestern states, this uniquely compact yet comprehensive volume is the essential guide to the region's natural world. Whether you're at home or on the road, the National Audobon Society Field Guide to the Southwestern States tell you: What you'll see in the night sky over the Southwest; The flowers that bloom in different southwestern habitats; The birds you'll encounter in the mountains, in the deserts, and everywhere in between; The region's best natural sites-how to reach them, when to visit, and what you'll see. Here, too, is complete information on the geology, fossils, wildlife habitats, weather, and ecology of the southwestern states, as well as the region's trees, mushrooms, mammals, insects, reptiles, fishes, and other life-forms, all beautifully illustrated in 1,500 photographs, drawings, and maps.
447 pages

In Flying Home, The Colorado Plateau from Above and Below, Craig Childs is your guide as he and his pilot friend Neal Schwieterman hop from one mesa-top landing strip to another in a 1946 Cessna.

Between hawk’s-eye panoramas and on-the-ground adventures, you’ll fly directly into the heart of the Colorado Plateau in a uniquely memorable way.

Publication date: January 2018. 160 pages, 140 illustrations.

Softbound with front and back flaps. $24.95. Published by PPCA, Peaks, Plateaus and Canyons Association.

The Peaks, Plateaus and Canyons Association, nonprofit publisher of Flying Home and previously of Sojourns, chose to mark the end of that journal’s decade-long adventure with a special double issue. Happily, the involvement of Childs and imagery from some of the country’s most talented photographers allowed that farewell issue to evolve into this book now available.

This gorgeous 9” x 12” full-color soft cover coffee table book includes all 59 of our National Park posters, plus oil paintings, historic photos, a map of the USA, facts, travel tips, and the 100-year history of the National Park Service. This expanded edition is perfect for any outdoor lover, poster art fan, or American history buff! 5 years ago, ADG founder Joel Anderson and his team of award-winning artists set out to create a poster for each of the National Parks. Along the way, Joel and his son Nathan traveled to several parks gathering reference, photos, and inspiration for a book that would eventually combine the entire poster series with a wealth of interesting information. Designed by the talented artists of Anderson Design Group and written by Nathan Anderson, this beautiful National Park book is truly spectacular.