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Bryce Canyon Memories - DVD

Bryce Canyon Memories - DVD

Experience 100 years of Bryce Canyon history in the stories of those who lived it

Over the years, many people have had the privilege of calling this uniquely beautiful land their home.
Bryce Canyon Memories is an equally unique exploration of the first 100 years of history in the park through the people who visited, lived and worked here.
From the efforts of the Civilian Conservation Corps, to nights spent in quiet happiness on the canyon rim, experience the joys of the past, and better understand a place which so often defies description.
"Bryce Canyon Memories" reminds us all that this is a land that leaves no heart untouched.
54 minutes. Color

Price: $9.99
Bryce Canyon: Shadows of Time DVD

1 Hour, DVD

Nowhere else in the world is there a place like Bryce Canyon! In summer, monsoons carve and shape Bryce Canyon into fairytale landscapes of hoodoos, arches, and windows. Explore Bryce Canyon through the seasons and into the depths of deep, geologic time. Bryce Canyon National Park’s official film.

This is the film that is currently shown in the visitor center endorsed by the National Park Service

Price: $19.99
Blu-Ray - Zion, Bryce Canyon & the North Rim of Grand Canyon

This BLU-RAY & DVD combo is a bestseller and recommended to visitors worldwide. Filmed and edited in high definition, this all-new program takes you on a breathtaking tour through three treasured national parks, plus Cedar Breaks National Monument. Each park is dramatically breathtaking, yet together they share a common geological bond that makes them separate chapters of a single story in the Grand Staircase.
Extras include:
  • Digital copy for mobile devices
  • Bryce Canyon Lodge
  • Grand Canyon Lodge
  • 3-Park music video
  • Grand Circle wildlife
  • iPad, iPod, IPhone feature
  • Bonus languages – German and French subtitles
  • Plays worldwide
  • Color, stereo, close captioned
  • Language subtitles – English, German & French

Running time: 64 minutes

Price: $24.99
Blu-Ray - Touring the Southwest’s Grand Circle

Blu-Ray - Touring the Southwest’s Grand Circle

This BLURAY & DVD combo is a great introduction and scenic tour of the Grand Circle Parks. This high definition blu-ray combo pack takes a 1,400-mile tour of the Grand Circle, a spectacular region of the American Southwest encompassing parts of Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. The route connects eight national parks with numerous national monuments, recreation areas, state parks, historic sites and scenic byways. Extras include:
  • Digital copy for mobile devices plus iPad feature
  • Condors in the canyon
  • Grand Canyon raft trip
  • Cataract Canyon raft trip
  • Grand Circle wildlife
  • Grand Circle music video
  • Plays Worldwide
  • Color, stereo, close captioned
  • English narration – German & French subtitles

Running time: 64 minutes

Price: $24.99
Bryce Canyon Book and Video Combo

Bryce Canyon National Park - softcover book

  • 112 pages
  • 11.9 x 8.8 x 0.5 inches

Bryce Canyon & Scenic Highway 12 - DVD

Featuring the beautiful picture and sound quality that only DVD can offer, this fully-narrated video explores the geological wonderland of Bryce Canyon National Park and tours nearby Scenic Byway 12 and surrounding public lands. From Fairyland Point to Rainbow Point, explore the Park's panoramic overlooks and hike its amazing trails, including Queen's Garden, Navajo Loop, Peek-a-Boo Loop and Hat Shop. Highway 12 Tour includes Bryce Canyon, Red Canyon, Kodachrome Basin, Grosvenor Arch, Anasazi Village, Escalante Canyons, Calf Creek Falls, Escalante Petrified Forest

List Price: $29.99
Price: $32.99